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Recipes from the Fresh from Florida Program 

IndianRiverClams.com is included in the purchase of the lease.

Brevard County 370 Florida Lease For Sale or Lease

Great Location 3 miles North of the Sebastian Inlet
* Sublets available  * Partnerships Available
* Boat mooring is available in Grant Florida

Grow Your Aquaculture Clams in the Indian River Lagoon
on Florida 370 Approved Harvesting Leases in Body F
Sublet 1/2 acre area on our 2 acre or 10 acres lease and possibly grow up to 500,000 clams.. Clams, depending on planting size will mature in 12 to 18 months.
Clams are grow in mesh bags which are attached to the bottom of the lease.

The 10 acre lease location is 2.5 to 3 miles north of the Sebastian Inlet and 1/2 mile
south of Mullet Creek.
The lease depth is 3 to 5 feet. 2 tides daily flow food through the lease area.
Boat mooring available on the west coast of the Indian River Lagoon in Grant, Florida,
State of Florida Aquaculture license is required. Annual fee June-June $100.

Grow Seed Clams
Purchase Indian River Lagoon seed clams (10mm-15mm @ $02 each).
Place your clams grow in mesh grow out bags.
Plant the clam bags on the sublet area on our lease.
Clams will settle into the bottom and grow best when not disturbed.

Grow Wet Storage Clams
Purchase Indian River Lagoon "Pasta" Clams locally and rebag 500 - 700 clams per grow out bag. Harvest your clams during approved harvesting times for fresh of the day clams.
Local licensed shellfish wholesale faciilties are available to sell your clams.

Sublet 1/2 Acre for $2000 Per Year
Contact Us For Sublet Information. DiningDealsUSA@Gmail.com.